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A sales strategy involves various factors such as presenting a value proposition, target markets and customers, your offerings, sales channels. Our sales strategy consulting helps you improve sales performance by clarifying your sales strategy and aligning it with your business objectives and resources. We will provide you with a one-Stop-Shoop for sales and marketing team of experts for your business. We will help you to penetrate new markets helping you sell and distribute new products/service.

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Sales Strategy for New Market

To competitively introduce small and medium size companies with top digital Solution/services to telecom and IT market in the MENAT region. Work on expanding client market share and introducing their solution/services to new customers in different countries.

  • Define your objective for different time periods

  • Evaluate the current situation if any

  • Analyze barriers to succeed.

  • Assess your strengths and assets.

  • Create your sales approach strategy.

  • Identify your main target to achieve.

  • Outline an action plan.

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Expanding Market Service

Focus on a past success and expand product portfolio thru cross selling for different products and up selling of additional different products after studying customer information. Having the foot in the door help for us to cut time short and help customer accelerate in that market.

  • Analyze the existing customer.

  • Expand and upgrade services to existing customers.

  • Find new markets to your product in the same market

  • Expand distribution channels. wholesale/distributor; direct marketing, catalog; retail; sales manufacturer’s rep; reseller; consultant; dealer. 

  • Target existing customers for more products and services.

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Market Consulting and assessment

Using several different surveying methods and knowledge finding on the client or specific product or service to identify new market requirements or test and new change of the product.

  • Determine why you are doing the market assessment.

  • Research the industry in the respective countries.

  • Identify your target customers.

  • Understand your competition.

  • Gather additional data.

  • Analyze your data.

  • Put your analysis to work.

  • Report and adjust

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Assessment of Market Policies and regulations

Having spent a long time in the MENAT region our management has a long and effective knowledge about Telecom, IT, Security and other regulation in different countries in the region. This could be very helpful to assess effectiveness of individual service/product in different countries. Regulatory assessments services is information intensive and require many years of knowledge of the market and the laws.  Knowing the regulations in an industry it is very crucial to your plan to GTM in that country. Reviews the goals and challenges of regulation and the applicable regulatory rules that apply to services markets.

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Lead Generation

Using specific market intelligent methods to determine new potential customers are opportunity generation.  Potential customers are then developed to offer the value-add service and close the sales cycle. Also to determine new growth areas and invest in these fields.

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Telecom Recruiting

Find candidates that meet specific criteria — certain skills, in specific locations, with the right experience. Our expert executive recruiters work closely with your company to understand the unique challenges of your business and the individual you are looking to hire.

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