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Our Valued Partners

Current & Past

Client 1

International Telecommunications Voice and Security Solution provider

Our client was has an advanced solutions for Voice security and SMS monetization. However, they have been trying to get in contact with carriers in MENA but couldn’t get any real response.

Client 7

The Marketplace

The client wanted to target all large-market GSM providers in the MENA region. The idea is to give our client’s customer a way to monetizing their network capabilities in a more efficient way

Client 8

The Tarweege Solution

  • We started with a detailed analysis of the client’s product packages, learning how they had been sold in the past. This information was used to blueprint a successful program that generated additional revenue.

  • We have started gathering information about the existing in-system for few major providers in the region. We have spent few weeks collecting information and devising an approach plan.

  • We met with all primary prospects and gathered requirement and also commercial and legal needs to participate in working on a POC for their network.

  • In 3 month time we have worked with commercial technical and legal teams in each part to put in the system a POC to show advantage of our client knowledge and solution.

Client 2


Sales Partnerships’ sales model generated an ROI of better than 10:1 comparatively. Our client was successful to get in 3 major GSM providers in UAE and KSA. At the same time, this allowed the our client internal sales and marketing teams to build the right model and have a reference list in order to work with different customers in the MENA region. Overall, Tarweege created new deals that helped break into new verticals and establish our client in territories they had not previously before worked.

Clients: Clients
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